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Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone? Ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and ready to reach new highs? I work with women who are ready to take action to improve their performance and who are ready to embrace change in their personal or professional lives. Coaching will help you turn your knowledge into behaviour; it will help you put your best foot forward.
It doesn’t matter to me what your starting point is. Perhaps you’re successful already and have an appetite for more? Maybe you want something new and don’t know where to start? I work with women who are motivated to do whatever is needed to find their success.
If you’re a motivated and committed woman, who wants to create the life and business you have always imagined, my coaching is for you.
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About Me

I am a certified coach and business mentor. I help people to get results in their work or personal lives, through focus, determination and a commitment to improve.
It was very simple. I realised one day, that coaching was for me and I was for coaching.
For a long time now, I have helped people to achieve their business objectives through my training and consulting. I worked in sales and sales training roles for multinational organisations for many years, helping individuals and teams to surpass their targets, communicate well with their colleagues and customers, bettering themselves within their organisations.
However, one day I realised that helping people to find the answers themselves, rather than telling them, produced breakthrough results.
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About Coaching

Coaching is a process that helps women, like you, to unlock your potential, maximise your performance and get the results you are hoping for. It helps you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be, far more effectively than if you worked alone and unsupported.
My coaching can be applied to any part of your personal or professional life, where there is a desire to achieve, accomplish or change. This may include elements of your business, confidence, motivation, fulfilment or something else entirely.
My business coaching programmes will help you grow, scale and create more impact in your  business. I will help you to focus on the challenges you’re facing and the goals you need to set for yourself; where to start, what needs to happen and how to overcome the fears and barriers that stop you from taking action.
Running your own business can be overwhelming, especially in the early months and years. But with the right support you can create the business you have always wanted and move forward motivated and without self doubt.
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“The results have been far more life changing than I could ever have imagined. With Karen’s coaching I have made confident decisions about my career path and implemented tools that have helped me to organise my daily life and environment. I feel empowered and excited by the changes that I have made to my life. I would recommend Karen to anyone who needs direction and support to take control of any aspect of life whether it be organisation or something else entirely.” ELB,Oxfordshire

“I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is in need of some direction in their lives whether it be business or personal. Each session we have had together has been helpful and I have gained a lot of insight into myself and finding solutions to any hurdles I have. My coaching sessions with Karen have become an important element to my personal and business growth.” ALC,Northamptonshire

“With Karen’s help, I have initiated a direction and order to my life. She has carefully guided me through my own thought patterns and enabled me to prioritise, focus and simplify the most challenging areas where I was unable to drive further in my career path and personal life. It has given me direction, confidence and time management to step further to my goals. I’ve found it extremely helpful and beneficial to have Karen’s support.” KS,Northamptonshire

“The coaching I have received from Karen has consistently been of outstanding quality. I have brought some complex and to me, overwhelming topics which she has helped me to break down into manageable building blocks, therefore creating a sense of progress and “possible”. I have made significant progress with topics I felt stuck with for a long time prior to our coaching, covering both professional and personal areas of my life.” KM,London



Could A Fixed Mindset Be Holding You Back In Business?

Those with a fixed mindset have the belief that their abilities are static and predetermined at birth. That talent leads to success without effort. They are often highly sensitive to being wrong and vulnerable to criticism.


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“There’s one investment that supersedes all others; invest in yourself.” Warren Buffett


If  you’d like to find out more on how coaching could help you, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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